Saturday, July 28, 2007

PORTIA gave me an AWARD.
A thinking blog ger award.
My first EVER. Am so proud.
Means tons.
*insert oscar acceptance speech here, I thank…*

Will return with a list of people to give the award to.
So many have dropped off the web, stopped writing, such powerful writers too, Suma, Annie, Puneet.

Had complained a day ago to Mago the magician about no rain.
NOW its raining again, yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

And Toshi’s rendition of Tamaly Malak in the Voice of India show yesterday is the best I’ve heard, great treatment of the Arabic words. Superlative. Will put up the link in a while.


Anonymous said...

i love. austere.

a blog to think.

to be to see to live to hear to concentrate to read to learn to wissen sehen schauen lernen
verstehen glauben leben lieben leben leben leben leben ...


You deserve it..
you make me think everytime I read you.

austere said...

Mago- Thank you, sir. I am honored.

Crusty-:) Thank you, lady!

Soleil said...

yay! taali taaali! muuuuaaaah! ;)

Portia said...

You are very very welcome:) I am glad it was well received, as I am not the expert but just me who just knows something special is found here:)