Thursday, July 05, 2007

Page one, main lead of the TOI, Mumbai edition, features a photo of a woman marching, a gift of a washing bat and bangles in hand, dressed in what we politely call inner wear. In super-conservative Rajkot.

Why is she doing this?
To draw attention and force police action to her complaint of dowry harassment.
She is just 22, with a year-old baby
And no, the police just wouldn’t listen or take her complaint earlier.

Did it work?
Yes, so far. Her in-laws, presumably greedy and clawing as per stereotype, have been arrested.
The police, in all its infinite wisdom is now considering taking action for indecent exposure.

What action will it take for the commissioner’s dereliction of duty?

I spent most of day-before at airports, wondering at the weather God’s wisdom first in delaying a 7.20 am flight to 2 in the afternoon; and then a 2 pm international flight to 7.30 the next morning…how I wish NRI kids were a little more considerate about old, not-healthy parents traveling to the distant west coast US in atrocious weather compounded by terror threats in the UK. If they are so affectionate, why dont they pack their bags and come back?


sathya said...

HI Aust,

OMG! Saw that pic... BOLD...real bold..

And airports... Well if the NRI kids come back affection sake...they no longer would be earning in dollars would they ;)

Not that I justify their actions or something ...

And hmmm did you by anychance forget that for a real long time now you've been the sole reader of my blog? - No comments at all...

AmitL said...

Hi,Austy...grin at the novel way to attract attention..but,knowing our legal system,the in-laws will probably be out with the help of a bit of influence..if she's really lucky,they won't harass her for the weatherman and flights being it the kids inviting their old parents,or,the parents longing to see their kids which makes them brave all sorts of weather,I wonder?:)

crab said...

Ohh just to make things clearer, they are planning to determine her mental condition also ... which needless to say will be capitalised by the evil in-laws obviously ..
re: airports and bad weather, its a pain in you know where!

austere said...

sathya boss whyfor thy page never opens, huh? I get old waiting only, and give up. move to blogspot. ya no $$, but no hype either. I smsed you.

amitl- yes, they will probably escape scot free. given the media attn, the govt has been forced to do something.

crabbie- can you even imagine the kind of stress she is under? the in laws have an easy loophole. at such times one wonders about karma.
ya I know re airports but had to rant, to let off some.

abbagirl74 said...

I dislike waiting in airports very much, but I love to watch people as they pass by.

mystic rose said...

some one who would do that isnt exactly the kind to sit and bear silently, is she?

sad that one would have to do that to get help.

Portia said...

i will admit ignorance to the weight of this problem until i just looked up a few articles from your region. quite a horrifying phenomenon.

i don't mind some time in airports but then of course there's no place like home:)

Anonymous said...

Too bad you have no link to follow. Very bold, maybe she can get a Women's group in that area to help her out, so she doesn't have to stand alone in the fignt.

Hey, you are coming to my neighborhood. Redmond/Kirkland/Bellevue area? If you were here already, I might think you are the Indian Grandma on the first floor helping out with the new baby.

Have a safe trip at any rate!

austere said...

abbagirl I was doing the waiting at the arrivals gate, with sundry travel agents and drivers bearing placards of names of people they'd come to pick up.. now if tht were a film star or two..

mystic- very sad. it must have been tough. as such we are conservative ppl

portia- thanks for checking for links and reading. its quite warped and unlikely to change quickly. how abt working women being thought of as annuities because they bring home a salary? On one hand there is respect for women, on the other hand all this.

proxima- well the central govt has been forced to act, something good from media pressure. lets see how this plays out.
I am not travelling, relatives were, at any rate not so old to have kids who'd be old enough to work, should I have had them in the first place. Am single, footloose and fancyfree...

Anonymous said...

Am jealous on your freedom. Sometimes I wish mine back.

Portia said...

very twisted. i need to remember the way things are elsewhere when i get frustrated with the position women hold around here.

Portia said...

very twisted. i need to remember the way things are elsewhere when i get frustrated with the position women hold around here.

austere said...

mago- well :) holding myself from asking why you'd say that.

portia- Asia is somewhat ok, the middle east? africa? in mauritania they fatten up their daughters with steroids and rich food, regardless of what it does to the arteries.