Thursday, July 26, 2007

Cash- title song. Superb beat. Lyrics work. Carribean, surf, hip-hop. Upbeat. It has that taut adrenalin pace, lucre passion that this city is all about.

Two years to the deluge of 26/7. The city cleaned up the ghastly mess, got up on its feet, walked on, so characteristic of this pearl by the sea. Infrastructure improvement? Not yet! Mantralaya ( the secretariat) should be shifted to the distant suburb of Virar and officials/ politis forced to commute then it would be sorted out in no time. One grins at memories of the walk home through waist high then chest high water singin; and skipping over a huge ditch with help from some stranger, “boss, lend me a hand please.” Salaam Moooooombai.

This is a MUST read. Absolute must.


crab said...

Then it MUST absolutely be!... read that is ... have a nice day ahead Ben :-)

austere said...

You too, crabbie. Shalom! Life is good!

Portia said...

you are so right when you say if the officials were made to commute things would change. reminds me loosely of how on Tuesday our minimum wage was raised for the first time in 10 years, but we all know the lawmakers don't go a year without giving themselves generous raises. hmph.

and the link you gave. it was truly fascinating! one day if i ever get deep i will post about my very wonderful but entirely negative mother and how working with her causes me to feel suffocated by her negative energy and way too close to my own... one day:)

unkle e's blog is called inner and outer space and he studies happiness and writes about it frequently...i am going let him know about the article as well.


Happiness is the most important thing.
Thanks for sending along the links with your blog. I hope you're doing well.
How's the searching going along? Have you found your "new cheese station?"

Portia said...

you have received a virtual award... visit my page and see TODAY'S post for details:)

austere said...

PORTIA! YaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaY!Thanks. I have struggled to keep my head up in rather choppy waters these last few months, proxima and mago had caught on, though. So thanks again.
I was reading about that psychologist Albert Ellis who died at 93 recently, and he said that dont dig the past, just keep on moving, or something like that. Will read Unkle e.

crusty- :) hi. Cheese station is in a bit of a muddle. Not sure if the company will help with the lease or I shd go out and hunt immdtly, it wd sure be better if I knew. have spoken to a broker already. I have two months.

abbagirl74 said...

Hey you! Thanks for always stopping by! You're a great blogging friend!

Portia said...

GOOD:):) one of my favorites is from bob marley: let me tell you, brother, if you're gonna live this life, it's not good for you to build strife
duh right? but i need reminders of these simple things.
that reminds me, i meant to tell you that (although i can't hear the music) your description in this post makes me think of reggae, my favorite.

Anonymous said...

You are soooooo deserving of the award Austere! Thank you Portia for following through with such a nice blogging award.

Letting go of people in my life used to be really easy, but then I realized it was too easy because I was afraid of losing. Losing meaningful realtionships in my life. Now that I'm older, I've realized that making myself live a lonely life, was really no life at all.

Soon I will have to learn how to let go, without letting go completely.

AmitL said...

Hey,nice lyrics..must listen to the song later in the holi-day.:)Memories of the floods-whew..incidentally,even I have fond memories of once walking back from Powai to Andheri,in knee deep water, shit scared that there might be a live wire in the water somwhere,but,still grinning away like a fool at the situation.:)Let me go read the other link,now.Cheers.(Say,why no trips to my blog these days?Argh.)

63mago said...

Just say hello. Thank you for the very interesting "must read".

austere said...

Hi MAGO! Its raining! What did you do?
Amit- sorries abt the blog trip. I was too busy watching my next step to worry, silly of me, maybe.. this promises to be an annual event, this flooding.

Proxima - Thankyous. I am the holding on sorts, even if there is nothing at all to hold on to. :). Duh, eh.

Portia- eh. Quite a statement of purpose, ya? You WILL like the song. listen sometime.

abbagirl- thanks for being there! whistling voulez vous..