Tuesday, July 17, 2007

From that entirely serendipitous meeting enroute, interesting how that translation is taking shape. Well only chapter 1 so far, and a kid’s story cant use too many hard words, but it is absorbing and different and challenging and nice to think in a structured word after word fashion.

History has little to do with glances exchanged across grand chandeliered ballrooms. Did the future of J&K change because of a fleeting distraught look in hazel eyes? Did or didn’t the last Viceroy hint just so gently to Lady Mountbatten, a word or a sign of displeasure could help move things his way ? For more, see today’s expressindia.com. In the right hands, this would be a great story. Prince-like nationalist impassionate PM, the woman stately, peach and roses and dignified. What a setting.



So, did they last? the Pm and the stately?
Thanks for your comment on my posting about Ben-hard to imagine he's already 1! :(

sathya said...

Hi Aust,

Always wondered why today's PMs and Presidents couldnt come up with poignant speeches... Dialogues that would be remembered as 'quotes' by generations to come..Speeches like the tryst with destiny speech...And that Edwina & Nehru thing... had once read in wikipedia that Edwina and Lord Mountbatten were in an 'open relationship'...


mystic rose said...

heard much abou thtat. but that particular stately dignified PM was a romatic dandy and a womaniser too.

but yes, i can just about see the story there.. all ideals and romance. :)

AmitL said...

Heh heh..I read about it,too..frankly,I think it was cute...can u imagine any of the PMs after him to be as,err,articulate in their affections for foreign dignitaries?Even the 'Hamein dekhna hai' gent.

crab said...

But the two made a smashing pair! :-)

austere said...

crusty- no, they didn't. history happened, partition happened, other people happened.. but who knows, in some other realm, in spirit? its amazing how you manage your brood and help in with the kid-watching too. :)

sathya- who knows? they were too refined, maybe it was just glances and regret.Sometimes you feel sorry for them and wonder why they didnt do as the King of England once did. Still, I hope they found some peace.

mystic- it was this one woman, fate chance and wrong timing, the march of history? I should like to think they were soulmates. wasnt she what he had sought all his life?

amit- the gent in question had a nice sharp nose. anyone is forgiven anything if they do.

crabbie- so they did. Did they think so too?