Saturday, July 28, 2007

My vehicles.

Quite cute, isn’t it? (can’t seem to load the image somehow, will try) Fixos. Thanks to ITC Sunfeast, given away with biscuits, pasta, suchlike. I thought I’d throw this away. But once I put them together, wasn’t able to. How the brain craves the novel, the unexpected. A little something to happy-up the gray matter, especially when one is expecting the mundane.


Ricercar said...


blue one reminds me of herbie!

AmitL said...

Aah.I love freebies...have fun playing car-car.:)


My boys happened to be peering over my shoulder as I was reading your recent post....
to quote:

"mommy what are you doinHEYsheHAStoyCARSonherCOMPUTER!!"
Cute! And one more thing that my boys crave..but I won't cave.

austere said...

ricer- they are just TOO cute. Like Herbie. Smart car, eh?

Amit- this time know what? I got a PLANE! busy making those take off and landing noises vrrrrrrrr...vroooooom.

crusty- YAAAAAAAAY. YES! lovely cars, no? You sort of get pieces that you're supposed to put together. Just lovely. Cant bear to give it away. I got a plane with blue wings too!

Portia said...

love the simple pleasures:)