Sunday, January 28, 2007

Strongly recommend:
keeps one's "nose to the grindstone" and busy-happy.
Busy-happy is nice.

How indulgent can one get.. three days of holidays.
Walked. Lazed. Read.
Almost through with Sudha Murty's "Wise and Otherwise".
That too, is India.
I haven't forgotten my village roots, but this was an eyeopener.
Now I will begin with "City of Djinns".
Yes, it was a bestseller maybe three years ago.

At the track: a sparkling fountain, sunlight that glints off the far arches of water, strains of patriotic songs and one wonders- nationalism, countries, people, and lines on a map.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

The man with the pepperoni beard thumped the conf table, fumed ,thundered and flung his hands about.
I watched, distanced.
The three cameras strapped around his neck swung wildly, in imminent danger of falling off.
A fantastic temper tantrum the likes of which I haven’t seen for long.
Missing; lightening, the crackle of electricity, hissing sulphurous fumes.
These were high-end cameras. I was worried.
And amused. No, I wasn’t at the receiving end.
This was better than saying “ I told you so”, no?
Not surprised either, to learn he’d recently done a bad man role in a low-cost movie.
Everything in this city connects sooner or later, directly or otherwise, to the movies, doesn’t it?

Yesterday was Vasant Panchami.
The first day of spring.
Bees buzz, tender sap percolates shoots, butterflies flit, suchlike.
Was pleasantly surprised to notice tiny clumps of black-purple buds on the hedge, hadn’t seen that before.

And when I’m done with the flood of subs and crits at the writing group, there is very little time left to post. Must find a way.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A driver is not someone who drives.
Ok, so windows has been reinstalled.
The young chaps from MIS struggled patiently to set it right.
But right it ain’t. Nah.
They now say, it could be a hardware issue.
The screen looks patchy, with red lines that Dracula could have put there on a good day.
Not done yet. Don’t know about the data yet.

But I don’t want to forget, that still Sunday morning.
So early that the birds hadn’t awoken.
So early that the priest at the temple was still making preparations for nityapooja, the first prayers, with the metal gate firmly padlocked.
So early that you could hear gravel crunch underfoot. And think a bit about dark shadows and corners.
Hear the slight breeze in the palms. Watch pinpoints of light in the sky.
See a few brightly lit windows in the apartments around and wonder,why on earth should someone get up so early, tis a Sunday, after all.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Yesterday was not a good day.
The OS in my home comp crashed.
I don't know if the translations and stories are there or kaput.
And I had a point of view tiff.
Give me a day or so, and will post.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

This is from the walking track.
Yesterday, I learned the WRONG way to upload several images at the same time.
No, you can't rotate images or add text, not that way.
Today I deleted that post.
Sathya- sorry, I deleted your comments too.
The pics are on flickr anyways.

Saturday, January 13, 2007


Mr.Mani Ratnam’s Guru was launched yesterday. The channels are abuzz with promos.
“Tere bin” is a fine number, vintage Rahman, very gripping.
But that snippet in “Barso re” is pure magic.
A R Rahman has used a bit of a snippet from a garba to bring in that local flavor.
I used to know this garba, way back.
Way back, as in the annual concert when I was in class 6?
I still know the words, how it flows.
I hear that bit, then I’m sitting happily ensconced in the music group in a corner of that stage.
And all I see is: the lamp in the corner, the rhythmic clap of the garba, the swirling mirror and embroidery bedecked skirts, the tension of a performance
I hear that bit, then I"m not listening to the rest of "Barso re" anymore.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Soon it will be Utraan, the kite flying festival.
They say the sun changes its direction starting this day.
I searched the sky this morning.
But for a sheet of pigeons wheeling in flight, the skies were empty.
Just vast pale blue and the glitter of sunshine on the asopalavs.
Back home, about now, war hoops of “katiyeeeeey”, signaling the conclusion of yet another kite fight, must be heard sharp and clear.
Back home, colorful paper squares must be riding the high wind.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

So I’ve had one day of a bit of panic when I found that rediff had cleaned up my older blog completely. A phone call to a far-away friend; a hotline, no less, to the rediff powers –that-be corrected the matter somewhat. Still touching wood.
I learned I still want my comments from 2003, thank you very much.

Cairn Energy listed. And sunk. In the red, bruised.
Whoever said oil was a must-buy?

Other than a flurry of words and a fool rushing in where an angel would’ve feared, all quiet.

Lull, perhaps?

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I was thinking about perspectives.
And about the slight changes that different countries, different backgrounds, languages bring in.
As such the story is a simple one.
A woman, a classical dancer, running on emotional empty, dances to a beat that she has held on to all her life. Things have happened- some good, some bad, but the rhythm has always been with her.
Sometimes a wisp that only she hears. But this is the thread that connects.
Against this, she compares what is relevant, what is not, and what stays/goes.
Life goes on.
I now understand, what you read into this, depends.

Monday, January 08, 2007

“Kabul Express” works. Brilliant movie.
Stupendous images, panoramic shots of that ugly-beautiful land, specially the ones of the SUV against the mountain ranges- stark, beautiful, stunning.
I am fine with the story too- journalists out to cover yet another war story, meet up with THE enemy, AK 57-toting, edgy and ruthless, discover he is human too, sort of.
Not quite your routine family drama with the coy run around the trees and ten songs before interval.
Kabul links somewhere in my mind to Kandahar and what happened with that plane, this movie only reinforces images about that nasty war and bombed-out nation that everyone seems to have forgotten.
In that stark, moon-like expanse you begin to realize why the statues of the Bamiyan Buddha were built where they were.

So the visit yesterday was quite all right, all the dusting and fetching-carrying well worth it. I quite liked my to be cousin sis-in-law . Am not sure what Ba, my village-bred grandmother, would have to say if she were around, but it sure would be something pithy. To meet a Swedish- American- Irish who is an Indian at heart, was a nice surprise. The point is they want to make it work, so they will.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Yesterday and for a few days now I’ve been too angry to write about this.
Nithari. Shame.
If you are poor, you don’t have the political clout to make the authorities take you seriously; your children could be abducted, mauled,killed and it wouldn’t matter;
the sky could fall and it wouldn’t matter.
We pay our taxes for this crap?
I don’t have any answers. I feel sick.
All I do know is-
Those little girls Priyanka and Anushka seated on a piece of tattered jute outside the gate to the walking track?
I say hello to them with a pack of Parle g biscuits every morning.
They say bye with a toothy grin each.
Their parents are road diggers.
Yes, the mother had said- “You don’t have kids? Take these”, with an innocent smile.
I want to shake her and tell her- watch out.
Everyone who lives in a big house, is not necessarily good.
new roughpad updated.

Monday, January 01, 2007


Yesterday I stood by a bridge.
On one side were some “Oh My God!” ’s, “duh!”’s, “Oh really?” ’s, but mostly yada – yada.
On the other, splendid fireworks made arcs in the velvet sky.
Twinkling lights beckoned.
A breeze danced; soft, lemon-scented.
And you know, and I know;

that on the other side too it will mostly be yada-yada and some sighs peppered with "Oh My God!” ’s, “duh!”’s, “Oh really?” ’s.
Yet I can’t but help get terribly excited at a *drumroll* NEW YEAR!

I spent the last day of the year writing a stoooopid essay.
At work, at my desk.
(Was called in- which only goes to show one NEVER quite knows what’s next around the corner.)
Keywords: Iran, NPT, nuclear power
Not that I give a damn.
A few minutes to midnight, voila, Cinderella!
Change the calendar now!
C’mon, call and wake everybody up- uncles, aunts, cousins.
Laughter, squeals.
That choc mousse was delightful.


To put new names to an old map is a strange feeling.