Thursday, July 12, 2007

A blue umbrella, sudden rain and almost getting wet, all lush green and splashes.
Cut to the core, life is good.

My landlady’s apologetic about having to ask me to move, but there are major issues with the circa 1964 walls and flooring. They will also vacate their first floor home. She’s given me her dua (blessings) that I’ll find the right place, and as much time as I need.

Yesterday was the first anniv of the commuter train blasts.
Sat shocked. again.
In security terms, nothing much has changed.
Our esteemed neighbour to the west is now learning firsthand the disadvantages of allowing fanatics and terrorists to fester.

Suddenly, deadlines of all sorts.


Portia said...

deadline is a funny word. you provoked a whole new perspective on it.
very sorry you have to find another place, it is never fun. i hope you find something to your satisfaction sooner than later.
good of you to remind me: life is good!

crab said...

Re the last past- Good to know your Papa is fine now ..
Re the current one- Hope you find a new (& better)acco asap .. and may all the deadlines be met with flying colors .. tc Ben:-)

austere said...

portia- sometimes one is forced to see, isnt it? :)

crabbie- ty kindly for the wishes, they are much needed. kya karooooooon...

AmitL said...

Hey,Austere,all the best for finding a great new place.Re. the anniversary of the commuter train blasts,yes,the shock remains...and life continues...happy' deadline meeting'.

AmitL said...

Hey,a suggestion for your Dad..take him to a good dietician..perhaps inadequate food intake could be the reason for weight loss?


Change is tough.
Wow! The train bombings..just hurts to hear of such tragic events..I pray everyday never to have to endure things such as that. Like Portia says, it's definitely a good reminder of the annoying little things when issues such as the anniversary of death. Life indeed is good!


btw, I'm adding you to my choice blog list..I really like what you have to say.
Hope you don't mind!!

abbagirl74 said...

I hate deadlines. Amazing how the human race has evolved when it comes to measuring time. Eh?

Anonymous said...

"deadlines" amazingly do not scare me, not the termins (I ignore them and listen to my inner "clock" that tells me when I have to work - always fitted, never missed one [except one, that was different]) not the lines of the dead - THEY do no harm.
You are a positive force. Thank You.

mystic rose said...

hope you find a good place to move to.

and the esteemed neighbor.. .. a lesson well needed.

austere said...

Ouch. I typed comments once and lost them.

Amit- ty. I try to give him a balanced, nutritious diet- easier said than done, he is as picky as child and has difficulties absorbing food. Soups, nuts, proteins, juice, fruits, and the usual dbrs, not to forget cadbury’s dairy milk…kuch meetha ho jaye

Crusty- honored to be on yr blogroll.
Yes, I am going to make it a point to look for small and simple things in my day.
You know, in any tragedy after the initial rush of sympathy the people affected are on their own, so many lives damaged, so many broken.. I can sit down and cry when I think about that. Life goes on, and as Scott Peck says, whoever said Life was fair?

Abbagirl- ah deadlines. Give me a sandclock anyday or those dial and shadow thingie, appropriately 1 5th Cold fashioned. :)

Mago- you have nerves of steel, envy that. yes, the lines do no harm but such a waste of energy, knowledge, time, don’t you think? The universe design has a lacuna, or does it? The same mistakes we make and history is full of repeat cycles, no? On that slightly tangential thought. Ty. Ancient force, for sure, so many lifetimes, maybe misfit. :)

Mystic- single soul in the big city.. will hunt, thanks for the wishes. :)

Anonymous said...

Misfits have a home in my heart.

austere said...

why, ty!