Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Eight things
From mago at 63mago.blogspot.com.
I’m not tagging anyone.

I don’t drink. I get awfully gloomy when I do, so I don’t.

I hate liars and lies. And I don’t forgive. I shun. Have the &^^ to give me the truth no matter how horrible it is.

I can take a lot of nonsense, make allowances and give leeway, more than the norm perhaps. But I have a superb temper, when pushed beyond a point. You don’t want to try that.

Even if I trust you, one part of my brain is watchful; checking and comparing all the time.

I take refuge in food. Explains the extra kilos. And I’m not apologetic.

The one thing that really scares the hell out of me is my mind breaking apart.

I need to see the stock mkt numbers and my astrological forecast everyday. Pathological.

I vacillate between being very communicative and clamming up, wanting people around and wanting to be alone, sort of all’s right with the world, and blues.


crab said...

you know yourself so well Ben ...

austere said...

Well, its not very nice, crabbie...

Anonymous said...

Really hope to get to the point of self-realization (in this context) within the next 2 decades. Got some time to go, so... :-)

Can completely relate to the last bit. Vascillating between silence and verbose periods. :-)

Mazaa aa gaya

- heretic

Anonymous said...

Thank you austere.
Truth and clarity.
And a point of no return, but it's far out - yes, I know what you mean, it can be too much, off goes it.
Thank you for sharing.

"Mind breaking apart" - what do you mean with that? The result of a brain-related illness? (The worst fear in my life from childhood on was/is to become blind.)

Portia said...

good to know!

you seem pretty blunt, which i find admirable. i am compulsively honest but never blunt.

Ricercar said...

i could agree to almost all of your 8 :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Mago tagged you, because you know I would have if he hadn't.

Sometimes I worry about getting lost in a nightmare that I would not wake up from and everyone would just think I peacefullyy died in my sleep and not know the true horror of my demise.

Your fear of your mind breaking apart, it sounds akin to something like that.

Liars not welcome in Austy's world, check. Got it. :>

I like you pointy and blunt bits too.


mystic rose said...

ah.. you are being a woman and a human. And quite seriously blunt. Better watch out for that temper. I dont check the stock market report but once in a while I do get into a mode of checking astrology every day for a couple of weeks (and then forget about it for a few months)

the last one.. I do that too. :))
what IS that 3 letter word tho.. am thinking and thinking.

i got this tag too, thru someone else..

.. and i complete eight comments here. :)

austere said...

Ha! Heretic, well said. You have time- if you say you need time- but such advanced souls (nudge nudge) don’t actually need flimsy things like time. Time, as some philosopher said, is only a construct, no?

Mago-thank YOU. Yes, my far out is beyond sense far out. I meant psychosis, we have a bad gene in the family. Touchwood.

Portia- well, in real life I am diplomatic and tactful, but not averse to being blunt, a spade is a spade, no?

Ricer- Not surprising to hear that. eh you asked ‘Why?”

Proxima- :) tag! What does that dream relate to, in your life? I meant proper psychosis, seeing things that weren’t there, or hearing strange whispers. Thank you, proxima.

Mystic- yes, generally keep it locked away. But will not be meek Meg. That is a good line, “a woman and a human”. There are some who just dust their hands, walk away, admire that.

AmitL said...

I'm tempted to test tgat 'superb temper'.:)

shiv said...

Much of it is implied in the introduction you have given to yourself..your short profile that we see everyday ... only that here you have been a little more communicative. We could see you there, we see you here and i would say you are true to your own assessment.

Sathya said...

Hi Aust,

Stock Market nos--- Today DLF listing na?

austere said...

amitl- you are a brave man, sir. :)

shiv- and yet you manage to read between the lines, isnt it?

sathya-yup, did you get allotment? I didnt apply only. recently everything is coming back only, muhuratam must be.

Sathya said...

Hi Aust,

Allotment huyi... I was hoping that some magic would happen on first day and I would be rich... That was not to be ... :(

Maybe I dont know much about these things :)


austere said...

You got allotment? WOW. listed at a good premium for day one, i think. But Vishal retail listed better and I never got any allotment. Ouch.


Great answers! You're a very interesting person! Great read..I enjoyed it!


I WISH I could be blunt. :(
one of my worst flaws, I'm more the chopping block.

austere said...

Crusty-Im exceedingly polite and wishywashy nice till I'm not. Then, I'm not. :))