Friday, July 20, 2007

For the writing group last week, Kathy wrote about a neighbour who sings sometimes at a nightclub, and is a successful professional by day.

Shimmer, sequins and the blues. The words have them; adrenalin, a shuffle and a steady backbeat. You follow the link (www. , and close your eyes. Listen to her voice as it floats soars past the words and you’re quickly transported far far away.

A dimly lit nightclub. Smoky. Spotlight on the center stage. Tuxedos, black dresses, the clink of glass. The voice is throaty, rich but not unduly so. Part Norah Jones part Olivia Newton-John. There is a different feel to it.

I think Kathy has the beginnings of a masterpiece on this one, and its only a writing exercise.


Anonymous said...

At your recommendation from a previous post I did by Norah Jones, not too late. I like #2 sinkin' soon. Something about the oyster crackers.

KH, not sure who that is. Is there a link I can follow?


austere said...

Proxima- Kathy is on that writing group I told you about. I've put the link up there, to Suzi Oliver. I haven't listened to Norah Jones'
new work, the one I really like is "Come away with me"

crab said...

@N Jones - New work is not too bad either Ben .. Give it a try :-)
and @Kathy - OHT all the way!

austere said...

WHY oht?
Follow the link! Rich voice she has, does Suzi Oliver.

AmitL said...

Interesting.:)singing at a nite club,and pro by day..nice dual career.

Anonymous said...

Understood it better after reading it again, but I don't see a link. No worries though.

Have a good week my friend!


austere said...

nice it is, you too superb week,a dn on with the words, eh.

amit- yes, dreams are nice, aren't they?sometimes if you are successful in one field, dreams get packed up into storage boxes in the loft.

Portia said... vivid. i imagine this group finds within itself quite a bit of magic, thanks for sharing.