Monday, July 23, 2007

A crazy kind of day at work.
The mind wanders under the pulls of just- in-time multiple tasking. Blogs I frequent are a pressure valve, a sanity check, a breath of life.

Read this review recently: (free login reqd.)

Destruction, chaos and a resurrection. How far can you apply the underpinnings of a myth/history/ belief to business cycles? For one I don’t like this man’s style, too much confetti, and I find him too simplistic, but I cannot base my thinking on one chapter alone.


Portia said...

that is very fair of you to say. of course i would not think less of you if you were to base your thinking on one chapter alone;) it never fails to amaze me what some can market to others.

a breath of life, indeed...i find myself missing the connection when i don't have it.

Anonymous said...

A sanity check, or a break from sanity? ha,ha,ha.

As for bubbles breaking, it depends on how close you are to the ground when it pops. If you're a minmimal investor with low hopes, it's less of a fall then someone who as banked everyting at the top of it. I suppose that rather a pessimistic dounding view, but each person finds their balance in-between. The smart ones anyways.


austere said...

portia- I found it way too light. I can understand the need he has to simplify and appeal to his audience, but its too bubblegummish.

proxima- very true. so many stories of people who have lost everthing, their homes. still the nature of the gamble that they are back on the next wave, the next cycle, the next big thing...