Friday, October 16, 2015

The light is beautiful, shimmering on green , dancing to the (rare) breeze.

Madly hot for October, and I search for remedies to stay cool—decoctions from amla, saunf and black raisins; go easy on the spice.

For the Navratri celebrations this evening, all the children in the colony have practiced the arati to pitch perfection, the purity of their voices so moving. I have joined in too—after how many years am I singing? Too many to count.

Hornadu, Karnataka... where clouds touch the roads

Monday, October 12, 2015

Slowly one settles into a new routine. Chores can take all day--but am slowly discovering the courier person across the road, the best bus (yes, bus!) routes to take. Random stuff that had not been attended for v long is slowly but surely getting crossed off the list. Some writing is getting done-- have to thank the Practice group for that. Translations yet to begin. Deadlines will spur and push me to write for certain kinds of writing that shall remain unnamed.

Navratri round the corner. Festive feel to the air. This once have joined the chorus group for the Arati.
There are so many things to do!
That fear that I had of turning slothful or sitting around unwashed and unkempt-- thankfully, none of that has happened, by the grace of God.
This image is from Sringeri-- the temple here has an immense aura about it.