Monday, July 09, 2007

So your CT scan is clean, Papa. Worth the four round trips to-ing and fro-ing on Saturday. Still doesn’t explain why you lose weight and why I worry about you, hassle you and gain weight.

Cheeni Kam is very good. May the tribe of door to door DVD libraries increase. Tabu is superlative, great dialogues and etc almost par for the course (how she manages to keep such long silky hair without tangles is something I’d really like to know, I have to keep mine, non-silky and scraggly,all braided up). Crisp dialogue, fast paced. AB is charming, believable in an exacting role which could easily have turned ludicrous. But was I glad some of the dialogue was too fast paced for you to follow.

I will need to begin looking for a good, decent, honest, dependable real estate agent for a place to rent- scary- in the next few months. Is there such a thing?


Portia said...

sounds like you have much to think about. best wishes! at least it sounds like you have plenty of time to search for the rental.

Anonymous said...

"a good, decent, honest, dependable real estate agent"

Sorry, such a wonder-man lives only in short-stories. You have to take the available i guess ...

Thank you for best wishes, feeling better.

Reshma said...

Love to Papa.

Anonymous said...

Happy wishes and good thoughts for Papa!

The cure to give you silky, detangled hair is right their in your grocery store dear.

You've never tried "Biotique" - Ayuvedic recipe, Moutain Ebony?
I should send you money to buy a case for me and ship it here. Also try the Honey facial Cleanser. Nothing will get the grim of Bombay's steets off you so nicely. Surely they must sell it in Northern India I would think.

Good luck with such an agent, maybe you can mail him to me when your done, but then I guess he would not be so familiar with the Seattle housing market. :()


austere said...

Portia- that was too good to be true and just changed, the landlord wants to begin repairs earlier...he's let me live here peacefully for nine years, so wont make a fuss, the househunt begins NOW.

mago- you scare me! :) poor witless woman in large city and what am I to do..

reshma-thank you.

proxima- himalaya is muchhh better.gels, shampoos,lotions, everything as is henna, the natural variant. but I'm lazy. can parcel anytime, just say so and we're in import- export business!

AmitL said...

Hi,Austy..a cheery Hi to your Dad..good to read he's fine.And,of course,good luck for the house search,and finding that(I think)extinct species of decent,dependable,honest real estate agent.Just like thinking of honest,simple politicians.


Austere, you will be okay..just keep telling yourself that..I'm glad that things are improving about your dad..that's terrific news! Good luck apartment's a fun change. Have you read the book, Who Moved My Cheese? If you don't want to read it, they do have a mini short dvd...great I say, GREAT!

austere said...

Amit! Now that certainly was very helpful,when I'm sooo worrried and all.. :) thanks for the wishes, and how have you been?

crusty- thanks! you've got it about right, all of this stuff happening together.Will repeat that mantra, will it help? maybe it will. Its time to re-read that book, but yes, you're right, it HAS moved. :)


And imagine the size of the cheese that you will soon be uncovering.
That mantra works for me..granted I'm crusty, so.. :)

austere said...

thank you crusty. really really thank you.