Sunday, July 15, 2007

The very early flight morning flight was already an hour late, grumpy faces in the crowded transit bus on a circuitous route leading to the plane parked at some far corner of the tarmac, but does the lill chile know this? The seventeen month old gabbles and laughs and prattles and smiles and laughs some more, the people around hide a smile and the day is brighter. Thank you, kid, have a good life.

So many yellow-greens in the just wet field by the whitewashed wall.

When a plane flies into clouds the rain streaks the windows sideways.

Too shocked abt N, but I can understand her choices. Or no choice. The fight has gone out of her.

Happens. Singlehood is tough to laugh away in closed gossip-rich Ahmedabad. But is that good reason to say ok to the first chap who comes along?


Ricercar said...

i loved the frst para
and the send (N) reminded me of austen (p&P)

AmitL said...

Haha..reading about the the seventeen month ole did bring a smile to my face,too-thank heaven for small mercies.:)Re. N,well,sometimes,I think,peer pressure far exceeds any sensible thoughts a person might have,doesn't it?With the whole family,neighbours,et al,screaming'Marry',where does a person go?

mystic rose said...

agree with amit on that one. its tough..esp in a close knit and traditional community.

ah babies... endless joy!

austere said...

yes, ricer, but austen's lovely ladies didnt have to step out of the house to make a living. the new workplce that she is in, monitors every bloody move.

amit- the society, relatives etc dont pay the bills, her salary does; they dont come to sit and hold an aged parent's hand...and at the workplace too? she is under some horrendous pressure.

mystic- true. I am worried.


I hope things improve for N..
Glad that a little one was able to bring out smiles.

Have a great week!

crab said...

ohh Ben u couldnt have put it better @ reply to ricer's comment supra ... most of the times, its the insane pressure to conform ... and it's endless!

Portia said...

i love how you tell your stories. the baby reminds me of mine, teaching me every day, over and over, how to smile, laugh, just enjoy him and our life.

i cannot imagine the pressure. i have my own that doesn't compare and it makes me feel weak.

Anonymous said...

Fortunately it was a happy child, a crying one would be an extra party-pooper for all.

I hate waiting, I am not a patient person, so I tell storys and the crowd gathers, by the time the "waiting" is done, it is almost like an interrution.

Hope things will work out for N.

Hope you too are well and you are not to stressed about moving.
Take Care,

austere said...

crusty- I hope she doesnt wander into more of a mess than already. Worries me.

crabie- worst is the workplace prssure, not there in the place where she used to work, and horrible gestapo in the new place.

portia- lill bear is a cutie. :) thanks for patiently being there.

proxima- telling stories- REALLY? I end up reading or ppl watchin.