Monday, May 25, 2015

The very slightest of changes in the air, the humidity a tad kinder than it has been, monsoon just round the corner and it is unnerving how the birds always know, they are quieter though an insistent cuckoo yodels regularly at 4 in the morning.

After long it has been good to get back to the words, after that mammoth *memwa*tx that feels like going round in circles. Finally returned to the practice with a sub last week, and began to tx again, tinkering with verse this once, felt so good to have the neurons a word-stretch. Anguish and helplessness are so difficult to tx. One does what one can.

Piku was superlative, after laughing so much I teared up the first time in years. Bombay Velvet has a solid plotline, amazing recreation of the 1960’s but it is a film about gangsters so…maybe the violence could have been cut down 30%, alluding to hits instead of showing them in graphic, gut wrenching detail…Mrs. S, who has lived in So Bo and CP in the tumultuous 60’s said that this is what happened, this is as authentic as it gets, this is how land was reclaimed by pumping out water… she remembers bodies being washed ashore every few days…

Can changing sofa covers be a prescription for joy? My day feels brighter after the patterned Swayam covers.

Monday, May 04, 2015

 Harper Collins has published my book!
A political novel.
In translation from Gujarati.
Original  title-- Jagubhai no punarjanma.
Seems so weird to see my name on the cover.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

August Rush... for the stunning visuals and the music...the tagline, follow the music-- I need to remember this.
the storyline prodded the sceptic in me. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

April is the saddest/sweetest many things happening...seems like I'm either getting on or getting off trains/ planes..

Never in my wildest dreams did I think of stepping into the estate better known as 7RCR... what an immensely beautiful place.. the lush lawns and the call of the peacock amidst reverential hush ... this will stay with me. Didn't know copyediting something gratis, just to help someone out, would take me there...

Ace journalist Urvish Kothari surprised us all with an article about the Icestupa in Gujarat Samachar, the state's most widely read newspaper... when I thanked him he was kind enough to publish an English tx of his article on his blog.

After the big move waiting for the next steps, incremental though they may be... at peace with myself after so long....

Saturday, April 04, 2015

So well the deed has been done, the die cast. Or whatever it was that kept me awake at night for weeks, debating the right way to do things, only that there is no right way to do things—the first time ever, now I know what tossing about sleepless and desperate for respite feels like. In a way, nice to finally get this done before (but just about edging in) the end of the financial year. So yes, now the what next. Kept myself busy, writing, translating, taking up deadlines for stuff that’ s too big cause, people spend lifetimes at this art.

In a splendid out-of-the-blue  surprise last Sunday,writer-journalist-blogger Urvish Kothari wrote about the Icestupa in Gujarat Samachar (the largest selling Gujarati newspaper). My translation and the original here, on his blog:

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

In Phyang the air is so fine… like an elixir. Despite the cold.  Despite the minus 4 or 5 or whatever min that you’ve plunged to, from your  cocoon of Mumbai 35 deg C. And then you realize how sharp clean the air is, even if your heart thuds at twice its usual staid speed.

You walk for miles it seems, and there is NO SOUND except the crunch of grit underfoot. And yet, you know you are safe.

For you have been blessed and protected… a darshan that can change your lifeline… what a privilege. Abundance. And gratitude.

You come back home, come back to the same old… yet you know something’s changed.

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

After long I feel --on some fronts-- life has moved to first gear, finally. Did some assignments. Helped some, gratis. Felt good. Perhaps it was the dizzy activity of the industrial estate, the buzz and clatter of the presses that felt good, reminded me – of being me.

The Whiplash OST is a must listen. Reminded me of the steel drums that play Ganpati-time. What precision. And what a story.

The BRKA letter to shareholders is a must read.

Tonight, I leave for Leh, for temperatures below zero. If this flight takes off, that is. Have already had to reschedule twice. But such is the magic of the land.