Thursday, November 01, 2007

I wanted to write about the missing driver, the mad race to the airport in an auto, the almost-missed plane, and young child I saw by the flyover , propah school uniform and all, throwing up her arm in glee..
I wanted to write about the massive billboards with strange squiggly letters, not one hindi film, but all the diwali releases of telegu-dom, heroes and heroines one had never heard of, the poster design, quality was very very good…
About the innumerable gold shops (who ever buys so much jewelry?), with today’s price in blazing red, as if it were the stock market closing price
I wanted to write about the massive consruction, not one old building left standing on somajiguda circle, all chrome and glass, but they forgot to take the zig zag patterned wall down in places.
And lunch on a plantain left, with lots of tear-inspiring chutneys, at a place called just that, Chutneys.

And wheezing yellow buses jampacked, and how its impossible to cross the road.
And how lovely the city looks from the air, a carpet of bright lights on velvet.
But all I’ve been doing is chasing deadlines.
And signing cards for Diwali.
Tis the season.


Portia said...

Well, I appreciate the glimpse into all that you encountered. It sounded rather busy before I even arrived at the word "deadline". I hope it's all going well:)

p.s...that "missing driver" did pique my interest though...

Reshma said...

and I'd love to hear about the child throwing her arms up in glee. The gold shops here in kerala might shock you, it is as though gold's the major crop we have here :)

Sathya said...

HI Aust,

Me back in Bangalore :)

How was Hyderabad? Hyd looks best from the air na?


austere said...

sathya- welcome back! home sweet home, na? Nothing like it, isn't it? Ya you bet, from air you cant see the wires and cables are crisscrossing the road, da. all ready and rarin to go?

reshma-:)heh. I will now have to do a survey to find out, Gods own country, here I come!

portia- crazy deadlines. he overslept!


beautiful glimpse though It was captured perfectly!!! Try not to overdo it, okay? promise?

Anonymous said...

Don't forgot to take enjoy a nice hot bath among all that hubbub of daily life now!

Take Care,

AmitL said...

Hey,that sounds like one nice trip to Hyderabad...we had a restaurant called Chutneys,in Dubai...but,it closed down before I could visit it-I guess it was coz of the same reason-tear-inspiring chutneys were not appreciated...

Now,I see another nicely named restaurant: The Dabba it a tribute to Mumbai's Dabba waalas,I wonder??

Arunima said...

I went only to Paradise Hotel in Hyderabad and demolished chiken Biryani.

Anonymous said...

Everyone should see this.. Enjoyy!

Anonymous said...



I hope you're well!! How is the emergency lockdown over in Pakistan impacting you? Is it? I hope all is well!!
Enjoying colors right?

austere said...

crusty! Enjoying colors, lights, fine food, fireworks.. but everytime our esteemed neighbours have a problem, they create an issue here, so one is alert, intuition wise. thank you for thinking of me.

mago- eh.

oye anon- no ghastly stories here, sigh, alas and alack, now be good and go bug someone else or get yourself a url.

arunima-did you go shopping and sightseeing? bangles and stuff around Charminar? sigh.