Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Laughing over lunch why how a cycle rickshaw was the most appropriate mode of transport to get to work, and how one with a funny horn would be the best for me, gliding past the bmw's and cityz. This is the sillyness I want to remember even as I feel the moments trickle away, and does that make any sense.


Because of B said...

what about the interiors of the auto and the dhinchak music? :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, it makes sense. I too try to capture moments with all my senses, then close my eyes and relive the moment again. Sight, sound, touch etc. Sucks when bad things get trapped in this way too though.

Ta-ta for now!


I used to imagine when stuck in a traffic jam that I could get further by walking while all the congestion sat there and honked.

Good for you to have a nice way to point B...How did that horn sound? Like a bleeting lamb? HAHAH..
Good memories to have, and good laughter makes a good start to the day!!

AmitL said...

ah..Austy,why just the cycle rickshaw?Why not the grand ole Victoria,with the horsey giving 'natural'music-clipclop,clipclop??

austere said...

bee- I shall desert the autos with mirrors, dhinchak muzak and posters of aamir khan for plastic flowers, a bell that goes trrrring and a horn that makes a strange sound.

proxima- nah! use that erase option quick! juss da goood remember cycle rickshaws?

crusty- plus all the good one is doing, green and clean and all that.. bleeting lamb is polite, this one is just weird,and sometimes like a beat? verrry silly.

amit- then I'd have to groom and feed the beast, no? this way I'd get some exercise as well. :)where do I find a maidan in mumbai? but the victoria sounds aristocratic, right.