Sunday, November 11, 2007

This is what I did all morning.
Over these lovely trees.
A green jade poem, in concrete Mumbai.
Cut, murdered brutally, for no fault of theirs.
I’ve run out of cuss words.


Yugesh said...

What price development :-(

Side note: You come to Hyd and don't ping me :(


austere said...

Horrible because they have all the right permissions in place, I dont see these obstructing any roads or walls though.

I felt I had let my green friends down.

Yes, hyd was a rush rush thing, but will visit again- so next trip.

Loup said...

Will hold you to that ... btw .. just realized something .. i love to write :)

Anonymous said...

Sad, very sad to whack them without any reason. Thankfully the city I live in is pretty green.

Anonymous said...

It certainly is not the same I know, but perhaps someone on the Developers team will make peace with Mother earth and replace these trees with new ones tp grow. I will cross my fingers.


mystic rose said...

i can imagine. (running out of cuss words)

austere said...

replanting - not v likely, but the inanity of it all.

It felt like blows when they razed the tree down.

Loup said...

Ummm .... does it make sense to plant something yourself instead? Maybe even somewhere else.


Nothing upsets me more than to see trees removed...horrible..
I understand your fight for it..

Portia said...

:( i have some cuss words you can use ;)