Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Everytime I go to Hyderabad, I salute that ancestor in the 1800's who walked all the way from my distant dusty village to this strange city to make some kind of a living.
He was atleast spared the silly traffic, and humongous malls; walkers, beware!

A longer post later.


manuscrypts said...

Hyderabad blues :D

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hyderabad. I am eager to hear about it.

austere said...

manu- you bet. mood indigo.

anon- thnks but my stories are upfront, all the tears, rage and small infinetimal victories. best with your project. :)

mago- fly in, meetings all day, wonder at all new construction, malls and huge movie hoardings, fly back. simple!


sounds like a crazy day!! But many salutes to that ancestor!!! :)
Hope today is good for you my dear Austie!!
Crusty~ :)
tea please!!!

Portia said...

I wonder who took longer... those who arrived on foot, or the drivers sitting in today's parking lot of traffic;)

mystic rose said...

wow!! that must have been some walk, eh?!!! I owuld have liked to do that myself..

mystic rose said...

you are in hyderabad?!! how nice! :)

Anonymous said...

You must have a fondest for this ancestor indeed. I believe this is twice now since I have known you that you have mentioned him.

You know it is funny, an article here in the daily newspaper once called Hyderabad "a suburb of Bangalore"! ha,ha,ha

They really s should have taken the time to look at a map of India.:>

austere said...

crusty thanks thanks so much for checking and being there. Yes, though I barely know the lineage between, this is one name I will never forget, he put spunk in the family.

portia- we should do a survey!

mystic- all the way from central gujarat- dusty tracks most of the way, maybe he had no clue where he was headed, who knows. Yup, thy town.

proxima-yes, that wild west adventure streak that I do not so much display, envy admire that.
That's an "ah merrricans" statement all right.

Sathya said...

Oops Aust... How did I forget... Belated happy returns of the day? Kya kiya birthday ko? Hyderabad?