Thursday, November 29, 2007

I have a cold.
Pronounced gcholdachooo... ! if you please.
I speak and sing from a hoarse bass tone, interrupt every second word with a cough cough.

I'm learning new meanings of old values every day. A year or two ago, the reaction would have been "what??" shreiked, bold all caps underlined. This change, it is interesting to see.


abbagirl74 said...

A cold? This is never fun. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Portia said...

Feel better!

Anonymous said...

Hope it does not get worse. Maybe the airconditioning in aeroplanes and such.
What do you mean with "new meanings of old values"? Just curious, sorry.

soleil said...

me too me too!


austere said...

everyone... thank you. high on cough syrup, we are, as well as all kinds of potions and mixtures.

mago-i think the years bring a quietitude? a stillness.centering? perhaps the interpretation of events change. patience and fortitude are more than words.

Sathya said...

Hi Aust,
Like they say in primary school...when someone sneezes say "God Bless You" :D

On A serious note...hope the cold is better now...and it better be good cause you gonna sing me the happy birthday song :D


you make a cold sound like a blessing! ACHOO get rid of it, I'll come fix you some of your great tea!! And feel better soon!!