Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What a nice man.
He’d come to take the rent cheques early morning because that’s the best time traffic-wise.
Now he could have just taken them, and said good day, thank you, but he didn’t.
He checked how we were doing, if we were happy, how many people ask you that?
“The place looks neat! Much brighter! What’s new?”
Nothing is new, perhaps the green curtains are, but I was all smiles.
Doesn’t take much, does it?



I love good people like that..makes you want to pay it forward to others, doesn't it?
Did you have a nice Diwali?

Portia said...

You are so right. A little girl smiled at me in passing the other day, and it made my day! A simple smile.

PipeTobacco said...


What a pleasant post! It is indeed a good thing to remember. And, come to think of it, I need to tell you...

You are much like that man... you brighten my day when I vist you or you comment on my blog. Thank YOU for your efforts.


manuscrypts said...

Strange age we live in... a rare smile does wonders... and we still hesitate :|

PS. Have sent a tag your way :)

austere said...

crusty- yes, diwali was good. suddenly makes your whole day brighter.

portia- such simple warmth, na? :)

PT- what a completely wonderful thing to say! Thank you so much! But I scold, heckle and advise you much too much entirely.

Manu- here's one for you.:) begged off the tag.

AmitL said...

Haha..Austy,yes,it doesn't take much,to make one feel cheerful...nice rent-collector,unlike those who come with a danda in hand,ready to bash the head in if you don't pay.a la Hindi movies.:)