Monday, November 19, 2007

Delhi was ok, in a rushed way, which means I passed India Gate twice, looked on proudly at parliament house, enviously shrieked OMG the square footage! outside Lalu Prasad’s palatial mansion, and fretted over why or why not we ought to remain a democracy.

The flights were late. Both to and fro. I’m learning zen meditation, from three hours of idling on the tarmac waiting for takeoff. From waiting four odd hours amidst squabbling children, the CNBC newsfeed and announcements of delayed flights in two languages. Cussing silently till I meet the Tutsi from Rwanda who had his 18 person extended family decimated in an hour of carnage in 2002. It unsettles you completely.

(pics from the hotel where the conf. was held)


Portia said...

No matter how fast we can "go" travelling will always require patience.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a beautiful hotel entrance!

As for Rwanda, there is a movie from a couple of years ago called "Hotel Rwanda" about the genocide there. I cried all the way through, but felt the need to watch, to remember. In a small gesture to acknowledge the lives that are lost.



Just beautiful! Hope the conference was a good one!

Quin said...

our lives seem so full of things that make it harsh, then, we meet someone like your friend...suddenly, they seem tranquil, and we are glad we have their ease.

austere said...

portia- I'm learning new levels all the time! give me any day a train or bus that's atleast inching towards its destination- but just waiting...

proxima- built by an architect from singapore, but mughal inspired-large pools of water and flowing streams. this is the inner courtyard, where the gurst rooms are. isnt it strange for the world at large what remains are just the names of the tribes, and that's that?

crusty- ty! yes, in all a good conf but spent most of my time looking out of the large glass walls.

quin- after all that, he was optimistic, setting up a fruit juice packg co, someone else would have packed their bags and moved, or still held a grudge. a salute to him!