Friday, November 09, 2007

Voila! last evening, what did I find?
A huge garden with lovely trees and a paved walking track.
Purple orchid-like flowers, a GIANT aloe vera tree.
Lots of wild hibiscus. A jade bamboo grove.
Wild grass that bows to the gentle breeze.
Color. Laughter.



AmitL said...

Hi, found the location where the 'laughter club'meets?:)Nice description..I guess it's a nice park with a jogging track.Where,where??Sayaji Park?

A Very Happy Diwali and a Delightful New Year!

austere said...

Ty Ammit, this is a park close by.
A great diwali and new year too!

Portia said...

sometimes your blog is such a luxurious, relaxing place for my mind to be. like now.

Anonymous said...

My best wishes to Diwali and a happy new year!

Yesterday I lighted two candles.


WOW!! that must have been a wonderful discovery!! That's awesome!! Any chance for pictures? This is very relaxing, Portia is absolutely correct!!! Now I am calm..I shall print this up and bring it with me next wednesday as a reminder of calmness before I am to be brought into the operating room.

austere said...

portia- heh. it is? :)

mago- a very happy new year! may the candles light up your way.

crusty- I will take pictures soon as I can- its a beautiful place. May the calm be with you.