Thursday, November 22, 2007

A day of surprises.
Of laughter. And giggles.
And not knowing quite what to say. Aye.
And family insider-stuff; kidding, teasing.

To top it all, NSDL sent an alert . I almost fell off my chair
Thank you.


abbagirl74 said...

It is Thanksgiving here in the states. Just wanted to say thank you for letting me stop by to read your beautiful words.

austere said...

Thank you abbagirl.
Been a pleasure knowin you, and a shot of high octane energy reading your words, great zest for life.

AmitL said...

That's been a happy day,I guess,Austy:),why'd NSDL send u an alert?Hope u've not been doing Harshad Mehtaish stuff..if it's the same NSDL.

austere said...

So it was.

NSDL sends you alerts for IPO allocation, and Mundra Ports was credited y'day.

Hundwedtimes HM, I am, sincerely.

mystic rose said...


austere said...

fambly wonly.


I love that inside connections with family and friends..brings closeness even closer.