Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Two days away from my desk.
Delhi’s chill should be interesting.
I’ve forgotten what low temps feel like.
Today’s begun with a few unexpected boomerangs, like “oh, really?”
Part of the day.


Anonymous said...

Two days away from your desk, yeah! Enjoy the time off, Make a nice meal for yourself, maybe invite a friend over for tea, yes.



Have a good couple days off!!!! You need it! Maybe more peace will come from the nice days too!

I'd come over for tea if I wasn't due for surgery today! :)
Cold, yes...temperatures here change so much: two days ago: 65degree's..today right now, early early mornings, about 27degree F!!!

Portia said...

i hope it's a good couple of days! keep doging those boomerangs + show us some pictures if you think about it:) :)

p.s..sorry i have not been around as much as i like...hope to be getting back in the swing of things here:)

sathya said...

Yo! Delhi at this time would be awesome with the chill and all .... lots of woolen! and aloo tikki roadside chaat!!


Anonymous said...

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