Monday, June 04, 2012

I must be the strangest person I know
Every morning
I talk to trees
Grin at new leaves nodding in the breeze
Exult at the touch of sunshine on green
Frown, coax a branch that’s given up on the fight
A strange kinship, unspoken
Binds me to the ground, this ground

I met them again, all of them,
As if for the first time
Reveled in their families, their origins
Snippets of their history
From the hoary passages of time
Two plus hours trooping from tree to tree
In the park where I usually rush past
This once a note-taker, hanging on to every word
So yes, I met them all again
Tivar, Cajuput, Sita arjuna, Nagakesar
But the sense of pride at the expert’s exclamation
Or a special feature
Was something I lack the words for.


norrbu said...

O di, make sure your feets on the gound -

PQ said...

U r not strange Austy, u know how to live life well....something that most people forget to do. And trees....I love them too...from childhood...i am happiest around them....
U must've heard about how some plants grew better when music played around them or when people interacted with continue doing what u r....probably its making a difference to their lives too :-)