Monday, June 18, 2012

back in the hometown, they had a townhall meeting to build a new, vibrant, buzzing city...
how I miss home sometimes, and how Mumbai sometimes feels like home...strange and unsettling feeling, this.
some photos in the meanwhile.
Inner Courtyard: Maharani Shantadevi NH

Baroda. Yes, the city of Kings. Including one who turned his back on the Emperor of Great Britain, the ruler of all domains.

Baroda. Heritage city. And its young who’d rather migrate to US UK NZ AZ anyplace even Fiji but not live here.

I want to go back someday. Which is why I still pay my property tax and light bills.

Baroda. Where the temperature sways from 7 degrees (in Dec.) to a sweet 47 (in May).
So shut up and tan/freeze.

Baroda. Where you have one of the world’s best art schools and a fine music college. Where every place is fifteen-some minutes away.

Baroda. Where you know the shortcuts that no one else remembers. And you still rue the time you returned an early Dickens to the Central Library, cause that was the right thing to do.

Baroda. The place that is still home in your dreams, where the stars spread silver on water-cooled terraces.

Wasn't this the Reading Room? opp Dandiya Bazar, off Rajmahal Rd.
Kalabhavan, MS Univ. The Faculty of Engg. The pharmacy dept was housed in a modern building, alas.
Kothi, the District Collectorate. Just how regal this looks!
The Old Police Headquarters.
Shiyabaug Police Chowky. Amazing wood cut outs.
My late aunt's house. Now this entirely gracious way of living is being abandoned.


norrbu said...

these are soaked with stories.

PQ said...

Ahmedabad? I've never been to Gujrat....may be just the border...i wanna visit some time...

Shruthi said...


Norrbu said it just right.

Overwhelming charm. Reminds me so much of Mysore.

icyHighs said...

Bit odd for me coz I keep moving every two years or so in the hope of finding a town that will finally feel like home.

The photos are lovely - each of them tell a hundred stories.

austere said...

Norrbu-- I guess they are. And what about your place?
PQ- Baroda!

Shruthi_ Mysore must be nicer, I think :)

Icy: hey some day you will cast an anchor. Till then, we're all ears, bring on those tales.

Amalya said...

so much history! what a beautiful place!