Thursday, June 28, 2012

Today I paid respects at my aunt’s funeral, holding my uncle up by the arm, what a loss for him after sixty plus years of being married. Though for the last six odd years she was bedridden and immobile, gradually becoming unresponsive with motor neuron disease. Nothing drives home how little time we really have--smashan vairagya as it’s called. How little time really, and part of the reason I step back from acknowledging, taking credit if I do something “good”, why should the right hand know what the left has given? At some point in some lifetime I have paid with a substantial punya-loss for ego, for arrogance, pride—by design or ignorance--who knows?—and in this lifetime I’m careful to not even lead at prayers, lest that breed pride, or self praise. Weird, but let it be.


PipeTobacco said...


I am sorry for your and your uncle and other relative's loss.

I too worry about pride, and often feel I am at risk. And the shortness of time is so, so, frightening.


norrbu said...

sixty years of togetherness is a real blessing di - and what lessons these are -