Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Venus trails her fingers
across the face of the sun,
surrenders herself to  fiery nothingness
delights in the scorching  flare
her dance languorous
every moment made to last
the next hundred seventeen years.

Venus transit
Suddenly the resident crows on the banyan
Turn silent
Cowls, mourning
But how did they know?

All day I sat
my back to the glittering sea
The waters tipping to the horizon and beyond
A little quieter today,
witness to the dance of the celestials
All day I sat
Clenched fist.


icyHighs said...

I'm patently dense to poetry. (Apologies.) Having said that, I liked how the dance of the celestials is greeted with a clenched fist. Sounds like a class revolution.

PQ said...

Wow I was told that this celestial event wasn't going to happen until 2117 & yet I dint see it. So many people were so enthu about it....& u too Austy :-)
Wish i learn somethign from u all...I think i need a visit to the Planetarium to appreciate all this more

Anil P said...

First one, lovely.

How do they know? I hope it remains a mystery so we can wonder about it.

Shruthi said...

Loved the first one.

Really? The birds' behaviour changed?!

mystic rose said...

For some reason, this feels so different coming from you. A show of intensity and emotion...