Sunday, June 24, 2012

I'd be very worried if I were she
destroying a raven's nest embedded in a canopy 
of golden green, perfectly formed
where sunlight played hide and seek
green executed roughly on flimsy excuse-- 
 a call for trouble, tempting the fates
I'd be very worried indeed.

the silent afternoon errupted with the cries 
seemed like the skies were filled with black
 distraught crows flapping about
that majestic banyan tree came alive with their pleas
as they watched the chopping, merciless
branches tossed asunder
each cut of blunt axe a slap
to be earned back many times over
such is the curse of the ravens, the messengers of our forbears
I'd be very worried indeed

I usually sleep the sleep of the dead
but last night I awoke with a jolt
3.30 the clock read
I walked to the windows, watched worried
the amputated tree without its nest, the mother sitting over her eggs
in the cosmic game of give and take
what fury would this bring on
this callous call to a raven's might, this sly tempting of the fates
then i tossed and perchance slept
in this game of unending cross and naughts
perhaps this too, was called for
the die is cast, never undone.


Elizabeth "Beth" Westmark said...

"I'd be very worried if I were she
destroying a raven's nest embedded in a canopy
of golden green," Exquisite beginning to a wonderful poem. Where are you submitting this? I am very serious. It is better than you may realize.

austere said...

Beth, if its on my blog, I can't sub, or so I believe.
but...thank you! I was helpless and angry and the tree wasn't even coming in her way.