Sunday, June 10, 2012

So right that the heavens tipped over- drenching me to the skin
this morning, the first real day of the monsoon
celebrated with a walk though a inspired forest
amidst Asia's largest slumland.
eighty feet of soil spread across seventeen acres
a bricklined path zigzagging
and a forest of sturdy medicinals and perennials planted
 nature left to do her job
birds, butterflies, bees, moths
humming, trilling,
creating a magic neverland
after the skies poured
notebook tucked away
trying to soak in all the wisdom
only the taste remains
and awe


norrbu said...

i wish we had monsoons here.

shooting star said...

rains and monsoons have come to your city!!....great
not in mine!!!

love the mossy stone image!!

PQ said...

Pretty pic Austy...nice to read about the forest & rain too :-)

Arunima said...

it is getting hot and hotter here.