Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Only in Bby do you venture from work at 11pm, and are not scared out of your wits driving past almost empty industrial-area roads, only in Bby do you call and tell your vegetable vendor to leave your order with the security guard at the main gate of your complex, only in Bby do you eat s'wiches at midnight listening to songs over the radio, and no one gives quite a damn. 
Salaam Bby.


PQ said...

Bby not Mumbai? I don't how, but all thes enew names have caught on with me - Chennai, Mumbai :-)

And yeah, totally agree with that pride in being a Mumbai-ite. You guys are special indeed.

norrbu said...

reminds me of being in college, when I walked dead into the night and now wish I'd done that even more.

icyHighs said...

I've been stewing for weeks now, trying to pick a city to move to. Bombay keeps popping up as a potential writer-friendly city. Your ode did her chances no harm either.