Saturday, June 23, 2012

Snoopy died early this morning, two days after his return from the dog hospital.
He was restless and disinterested in food these last few days, and one had to follow him  pleading.
The sight of his lifeless form by the parking lot will stay with me to my last days. And the memory of our man wagging his tail, having spotted me at a distance with his food bag late in the night, so as to avoid unctuous neighbors.
Dogs will bark, they’re dogs, it’s in their nature, right? Yet Snoopy had quietened quite a bit, wouldn’t take handouts from other people, and generally kept to himself.
RIP Snoopy.
 Move on to a better life.


norrbu said...

Theirs is unadulterated love. Years ago, my own two dogs looked at me as they closed eyes (not that the guy who fed them, but at me) -- I was helpless, but I felt wanted.

austere said...

I think he just came back to meet us, lasted just a day after returning from dog hospital. How much he must have suffered, poor thing!