Monday, June 25, 2012

I dreamt of her last night, not the way she was later, not at the end, no not that, but a sixth-seventh grader, her hair in that tousled cut that I’d tease that the mice had nibbled at. In an underground manmade cavern, a ramp led to a lovely pool with great light and Moorish tiles on the walls, and suddenly the kid laughed and ran free and jumped into the pool, swimming like a dolphin, darting below the surface blowing bubbles, and just so happy, so free, the happiest I’d ever seen her. I awoke to a sense of peace, her pealing laughter tiptoeing into my day.


norrbu said...

wow - the things that can lighten our hearts can come and go in the most unexpected ways - :)

austere said...

Absolutely, Norrbu.
But I took it as her being in a happy place, taken care of. At peace.