Friday, June 22, 2012

The nearer you get to that half-century mark, the more you realize how little time there really is.
Yesterday I watched travel plans (a few months into the future) crumble and vanish, that elusive line of mountains grow hazy, as work deadlines intervened.
I raged and i fumed and roared, and I *adjusted*
Today the world has set itself right, flowers have their bright colors back.
Deadline restored.


mark drago said...

yes suddenly realize that "old" may apply to you--even tho you still think of yourself as 25...

phatichar said...

Everything somehow aligns itself, huh?

How you been austere? Remember me? :)

norrbu said...

austere di, it'll be such a regret if the big work does not come out in say five years ??

Elizabeth "Beth" Westmark said...

No sympathy here regarding impending birthdays. Mine comes tomorrow: 61!!
Whatever. I'm still a baby boomer :)

austere said...

Beth happy happy birthday! With all that hiking and mountains and the writing, you're an inspiration. Mine isn't till end Sept. This was more abt a bucket list

Norrbu- now I find my pleasure and reward in the words, the rest doesn;t matter.

Sri- hey! all well here. Yes, remember.

mark-- time running out is more like it, semantics-- young/ old.

PQ said...

Cmon Austy, you are quite young. Saw this recently and it was very inspiring -