Thursday, December 20, 2007

So over the last few days you dissect the database into three; for cards, chocolates and calendars, and you wonder, how many are still there, how many survived, so quick shifting and merciless this industry is. And you look at the subprime tally, 10.8 billion at one prestigious firm alone, TEN POINT EIGHT billion and how much is that in rupees or God forbid, the lira or the Turkish currency before they knocked off the swimming zeros? And you wonder what the suits were up to, why no questions were asked, the Emperor has no clothes but are you blind, and someone forced to move, homeless in this mad weather, and like dominoes stacked to collapse, where what next.

Tis the season, but much too much.

sorry but I'm seeing double. am good.


Quin said...

on holiday, working holiday... i cannot think of $'s.

they are good only for lighting fires.

Portia said...

forgive me for the lack of originality, but your comment to me seems fitting here too...

silly season, more like.


and i must say, that last part cracked me up:)

Anonymous said...

Double seeing?


HAHAH! I can't help but laugh with Portia on this! It was witty and honest!
How long does mail usually take from USA to you? "I'll see you soon!"
pardon my mispelling too, by the way.

austere said...

quin- alas these are lighting fires in coimbatore, rajkot and what not, with export led job cuts, but dont mind me, am the ruling pessimist of the world.

portia- aye, copy on, no copyright. :)total gadbad.

mago- in multiples of twos. now four's, but tis da season. how are you?

crusty- two weeks? if the pony- mail finds the address that is.kidding.

Anonymous said...

Lazy now, like a balloon leaking air slowly shrumpeling (invented the last word but it fits) to a vegetable state, time to recover.
Hope you can take a break now. I saw somewhere pictures of Mumbai in christmas-decor, crazy!

austere said...

Mago the break is in micro-slices of everyday. :) We have one day off- and I had forgotten.