Friday, December 21, 2007

Here is my sub!


Portia said...

Incredible how you do that! Awesome:)


that was amazing..thank you soo much for sharing that with us!!

austere said...

portia, crusty- it was a fun thing to do, foggit sharing, can't you see me gloating and all?

but thank you.


you deserve to glow! Are you sending anything to publish with his book? I hope it's accepted. I tried once-he didn't take submission, but I gave another try, and resent. YOu have a gift, and you should be published and read in all continents!
It's saturday-I wonder how long it takes for the mail. :)

austere said...

crusty- this is silly, but I haven't. partly lazyness- partly wonder..of the three that I sent, one got picked up, so really wonderscare, such a silly thing this is.the wonderscare.

I'm waiting too. :)

Sathya said...

HI Aust,

Awesome description of the portraits... I figure the last line as the portraits' subjects having survived the advances of other kings, the English and the rush of time... but what is the second last line indicating?

Is it some of the guests at the hotel - visitors? who walk past the portraits chasing today;s wealth?

PS: Like so many others who have been commenting here, I loved the words!!!

austere said...

Sathya, thank you kindly too.

Yesterday's kings, long vanquished, on the wall, today's kings, the Big Money guys rushing about, just as fickle with the onslaught of time. Like that something.