Thursday, December 13, 2007

2 days of assertiveness training.
Maybe a better way of handling stuff than bottling it up, all pickled in brine, and then kaboom! one day with a well placed sock on the jaw.



May I attend with you? I need to learn how to be more vocally assertive.
good luck with the 2 days...and maybe after day one you could show the guide what you've learned by exclaiming you no longer need to return for day 2! :)

Anonymous said...

If all else fails. Stomp on their foot. Then ask "Who's da' bitch now asshole?", . . .Oh wait, on second thought that might be over-doing it a little. :>

Have fun!

Portia said...

Perhaps:) I'll be interested to hear the verdict.

AmitL said...

OH,wow..reminds me of BSL's assertiveness training...used to be a much-enjoyed event,as I term it.

Here's hoping you don't really implement the 'sock on the jaw' at work.

Bla said...

Ka-Boom! Ka-Boom! Yeah!

soleil said...

maaro maaro! :p

austere said...

crusty- It was very good, a prof from one of the IIMs which are our finest business schools, was the course director. I think a lot of self learning, and realisation. The videos they did of the introductions each of us made to the group were illuminating. Somewhere its about focus as well, what you will do and will not do.

Proxima- or I could stick my tongue out and screech, yada yada yada..too much entirely, too...but that's a good idea for future reference, filed away.

Portia-I knew internally I am not as assertive as I used to be, a combination of some superb setbacks, but yes, the reaction is mine alone to control, is it not?

Amit- will try and remember that sage advice. :)

BLA- thanks for commenting. Yes, kaboom or dhishkaaon! is quite the way , no? Tried to read your blog, looks like Russian somewhat, not one word, sorry.

soleil- yes. :) part of the trick is the right reaction at the right time, syncing that.

Anonymous said...