Saturday, December 29, 2007

I shall put your lopsided smile in some story someday, the combat pilot’s sharp gaze that scans miles of empty desert, that completely shrewd infotech brain with a mass of equations and calculations, the smooth professional calm so essential in your current line of work; that, and the color of sunlight on straw bleached.


Alien said...

You are linked!!


I like the lopsided smile..I have one of those and was teased about it as a young girl.
sounds completely blissful this explanation...
a lost love is what comes to my mind.

Portia said...

Your words move like a dream,

austere said...

thank you alien!

crustybeef- your typical stranger in the next plane seat story, but you know me, I can stretch a thread way into the next century. :) cute, eh.

portia- hmm,something aomething ty.