Monday, December 24, 2007

Of the paper lamps with intricate cutouts outside the shops that I tried to photograph-three were file errors, one or two are ok shots, nothing like the lanterns dancing daintily in the wind.

Stepping in at the Sacred Heart Church to photograph it, light-festooned trees, lights on the high wall and all, I felt like an intruder and quickly stepped back. Today, I shall try again.

Yesterday’s reception was all aglitter and quite okay, we sat all huddled and put the parade of bling and nice intricately embroidered sarees and glitter thread salwars and flowing shararas into two simple categories, “liked” and “naah”. Got home midnight, but the traffic on the highway was horrendous.

P’s news left me shocked, perhaps ought to think of something apt from the scriptures to quote, light and dark.

So did the BJP win back home, nothing can stop this juggernaut now, and history will repeat itself as liberals shut up. Sad.

NYT story: The US has been funding our esteemed western neighbour’s onslaughts on India.
Blunders and wonders, and the world is indeed a strange place, oh my!

Merry Christmas!


abbagirl74 said...

Happy Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Sorry ... too flat now, a strange place to be, indeed!

austere said...

A happy Christmas too, Abbagal!

Mago the magician, it always is, perhaps. Perception adds the shades?

Quin said...

omgosh, you mean the us has sent money for the wrong reasons, when we have a shit medical system, underfunded educational systems, a budget that is so far in debt, our dollar is good only for lighting fires, and our president is a joke?

i'm shocked.

austere said...

Playing Cowboys and Injuns Mr W got confused who the bad guys were, someone's got to tell him we're not those Indians.