Monday, December 17, 2007

Bright lights on the trees, ‘tis the season; a wonderland and wishes-come-true feel to it all.

Fluffy clouds a light streak on a pink peach dawn, sultry seagulls and crows wheel overhead. Clarity.

Taught Aunty y’day how to use rediff bol so that she, too, could send forth a volley of sms’s for free. Mildly amused. Patterns and circles, ring a ring a roses.

And I chanced upon a superb shop, a Spencers’, a real lifesaver.

Abstract, yes?


Loup said...

This should do it I think.

Well self driven at this point and I think i have pretty relaxed timeframes :)

austere said...

this does not work, mr loup.


magical time, this time of year, huh? When you can see things more clearly.
have a great week!!

Portia said...

For some reason I would be tickled to find that you were looking at the same Spencers' we have had at our local mall forever...funny, grotesque and crude, the place has no class. Surely you have found another?

Loup said...

Umm.. i tested it out using the Subscribe option .. and it worked ..if your online anytime lets talk.

austere said...

oh Crusty, I jusss love the lights and the reflections and how pretty everything looks..

madame portia, i kid you not, nice spiffy shop with tons and tons of the latest, maybe a little cramped this is Mumbai after all- but VERY good.

loup- its playing favourites with techies? huh? did NAT work, sir.

AmitL said...

Hi,Austy...just one comment'Ho Ho Ho'.:)

Where is this Spencers' shop?

austere said...

this bustling m'bai suburb only.