Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A page comes back littered with pov’s. I didn’t know so many existed.
Now I don’t know what to do. Toss a coin. Yes, I said thank you.

Trying to think from an antisocial viewpoint is so bloody tough.
Manic, childhood trauma, race, revenge, superiority. Recipe for a madman-loner.
Not if you’re the snook your nose and shrug-trot kind.

Terrific, the subs rate. Gush-write it, send it, forget it.

Maisel is so right.
That anchoring is addictive. Meaning- giving.

Like thirst.



I'd send you a card in a heart beat!!

I like that saying.."snook your nose and shrug." I'll have to remember that! Snook!! :)

Portia said...

I'm afraid there are too many recipes for madmen.

AmitL said...

Happy antisocial viewpoint thinking,Austy...would like to read a bit more on that.:)

Anonymous said...

Oh, what I'd give to write more then a "to-do" list right now! :>


Anonymous said...

Just come by from proxima's building site for a cup of tea ... :)

austere said...

crusty- I believe the expression reads a little differently.:) but yes, nothin like tra la la life goes on...

portia- so completely sad, isn't it?

amit- and you know I'm having serious difficulties with that ...

proxima- and I to paint up a wall for you!

mago- :) Indian snakes too!

Sathya said...

Hi Aust,
what were the different points of view :-/

And spencers' the erstwhile food world - picked up something important ?


austere said...

first person close, third simple, third removed. ah dont ask!

The area has lots of tiny kirana stores but nothing v large so this is a life-saver! I like looking at well stocked shelves :)