Thursday, December 06, 2007

Damage control initiated back home, doors to be metal-welded shut.
Silver lining: No encroachments. Not as yet.

The translation contest results are out. Some other time, perhaps.
Any takers for a story?

So Omaha has another claim to fame in addition to Mr. Buffet.
What kind of rabid gun control law is this?

In the meanwhile, I stay calm and take it day by day.


Sathya said...

HI Aust,
Omaha and gun control have you seen the documentary "Bowling for columbine" by Michael Moore(the same fahrenheit 911 guy) He takes you through the entire business and operations of NRA and their interests against Gun Control...

And story me always game!!!

Nice about the home metal door...Lets keep our fingers crossed about the intruders...


Quin said...

i crossed lines like mad last night.

damage control is beyond my control.


Portia said...

In the meanwhile, I stay calm and take it day by day.
Me too. You make it sound so easy:)
Good luck with the damage control.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that one has to built in metal-doors to protect what is left. Things are things, stuff is stuff, but a lot of identity, rememberance and emotion is connected with things - and these are hurt. And: Nobody can just step out and take what he wants!
Ach austere, I really do hope that it will get better. Thieves are thieves, everywhere on this planet ... It's a small scar, just one of these small white lines, will vanish, slowly but surely.

Anonymous said...

What more can we do then take things as they come?

We had a similar mall shooting 2 years ago. I can't understand why they do this. If you insist on taking your own life it is one thing, but why must they take others? Grr!

Take Care, have some Masala tea for me.

mystic rose said...

oh good! @ measures taken.

and you wont beleive how scred up the thinking of whole sections of society is, esp. so in the west.

I have a friend I have known for years and the other day she summed it up well "We in the west are so dysfunctional in our thinking that we dont even see it, and some of the problems you Indians cant even begin to understand because you just cant think that way. "

sorry if I offens any, but Ive seen its true.

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Sounds like you have had an awful experience. It's good to put the necessary safety measures in place. Take care, be safe.

austere said...

sathya- will mail you the story. No, haven't seen either movies, but cant help thinking something is fundamentally out of order for this to happen. All said and done the closest we have is UP/ Bihar, and there its a law and order problem, organised crime, which I can understand.

quin- hmm.Does it have to be this way? Is this the only way? Dont mind me, i dont know what I'm talking about.

portia- nope, not easy, but nothing else to do either and I guess I needed a few home truths driven home.

mago- thank you for saying the scar will vanish.Yes, things are things but like an old fool I was hoping some day I would be able to go and live there- atleast no one can take my memories, and I'm safe and sound.Life moves on, that is the only reality.No matter how much I struggle and kick. :)

proxima- and then the univesity one as well. I cant figure out why it festers and explodes this ways.

mystic- I liked her reasoning- we lack the tools to understand. Bcause hey we've the guys who're broke, with no future no hope, moronic polits and no silver lining, yet it doesn't errupt this ways.

absolute vanilla- thank you. all philosophy and wise words to salve the damage done, and knowing it... :)


maybe next time with the translation..sorry it didn't pan out. :(
damage control is always the worst kind. :(