Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Of course the words are dry as a stick, or like a photo, unidimensional; that’s because I am as well, and if you don’t like it you may as well lump it, I shall continue to write of bombs that blink at inopportune moments and casual rambles through century-old bazaars that become life-defining moments; for lissome lasses long-legged (but of course!), that cavort on sun-kissed beaches or sob away when you push a button, you may as well wait ‘nother lifetime. But I wouldn’t bet on it.

Dilli shootout. A fourteen year old butchered in cold blood by his own classmates at fancy IB school. No more will we be able to scoff and say, “nah. Not in MY country.” What a licensed gun was doing stored around like chutta paisa I will never know, but then some ppl should have to take an exam to be parents.


Portia said...

Agreed. I am very sorry to hear of the tragedy, it is hard to understand anywhere. Make that impossible. For me.

Anonymous said...

My sentiments exactly, apparently the thing was kept in the TV trolley :-(.

Loup said...

OK . that was me, how come

mystic rose said...

hard to beliee anybody , let alone a parent, would be that stupid.

austere said...

portia- true. these kinds of things never happened here, society changes..

loup- really? that IS ridiculous

mystic- part of the general dumbing down of society that we see? ignore the negatives, the wrongs and then they cascade into this,boom!?


Oh do I agree with you on that!

And not being funny, but I did laugh with like it or lump it grandma taught me that saying years ago..that and this one, "my he is sure full of his guff now, isn't he?"

I have confession though: there are times that I feel like I shouldn't be a parent, like it's too overwhelming..but than I wake up and see the violence of other people, and pain and suffering and I am glad for my meeger short comings and thank my faith for having been blessed with another day with my boys.
It's also harder to manage when it hits close to home I think.

Crusty~ :)


Violence does not discriminate against wealth or happens everywhere.
sigh.... :(


Anonymous said...

I wish we were spreading more love and cultural understanding around the wourld, not gun violence!!!

Take Care!

austere said...

crusty- this has picked huge holes in any concept of a high ground we may have held.

proxima- or has it always been like this, a constant play of ups and downs?

Quin said...

i lived by columbine.

i knew one of the students (who lived, thankfully)

people blamed the music, the times, the games... i blamed the parents.

how can you not notice what is on with your child?

to allow it to get that far, you are so far from your child, you barely know their name.

bless the beasts and the children.

austere said...

quin - incredibly sad, beyond the weight of the word sad.