Thursday, January 28, 2010

Shubha Mudgal, a salaam.
Its the way her voice surges, conquers all three scales.
Fluid magic...
Nothing delicate or tinny about this.Robust, rich and soaring to the skies.
Ooncha balamji ka des...
These words have been echoing all day.
The manner in which the beat sounds.
Perhaps its the blend of passion and mysticism in the verse. That's what the reviews say.
Anyway, I don't understand any of that.
Something good came from that RIP Worldspace.
I took the dust covers off the music system.




Arunima said...

been a while that I listened to her.

AmitL said...

Ah..see,something good always comes out of, worldspace closure lead to the music system being pulled out.

PQ said...

I can remember 'Ab ke saawan'...checked out the song links...she has a beautiful voice

austere said...

arunima, pq, amit- thanks.

john doh said...

i love the more classical stuff that she has done, but not her popular stuff so much.

songs that you must check out -
hazaaron khwahishein aisi - title track

and the following three songs from the album, Maestro's Choice -

Mala - Ae Mann Kalyan Hove Tero
Raga Yaman (Mera Mann Bandh Leeno)