Friday, January 15, 2010

What havoc.
Brings back memories of Kutch-Amdavad, Latur.
Also that catastrophe with our western neighbor. Also China, when entire buildings collapsed, that school building, remember?
Why does the earth get so angry, so often.
Why this indifference and disgust?
Or does periodic anguish serve to tie the world together.
A reminder of our common fate?


norrbu said...

Insightful Austere di, but the earth is soul-less, heartless. A non-living thing (that holds living things) -- I don't think it knows or has feelings.

Anonymous said...

Some years ago terrible earthquakes in the East of the Mediterranean Sea that even made Greece and Turkey work together, which "normally" are conected in deep hatred.
I guess all in all earth is a being, living and reacting, following laws of its own. Maybe we will have a new Krakatau, this vulcano on the Philipines seems to have the potential for it.

shiv said...

Just a brief reminder from Nature, that we, and all life forms are just transient....

Arunima said...

nature has the final say no matter wat we do.

austere said...

Norrbu- how does this hold with our tradition of bowing to mother earth, thanking her for her care and bounty?

mago- a being with a different set of laws... interesting...

shiv- and so many innocent punished, doc?

arunima- I guess. fatalism?

AmitL said...

I thought the same, that day...and,everyday,when I see news on CNN or anywhere...sigh!!Nature's fury can be a disaster,sometimes..just be glad we're lucky...touchwood.
And,then I also thought-people are homeless after the quake...I see so many homeless during my morning walks in BAroda-without any quakes occuring...Sigh.