Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Yesterday we watched Aah. Raj Kapoor- Nargis. Vintage 1953.
Perhaps it was the b & w photography, that play of shadow and light with an ethereal Nargis.
Perhaps it was the music, melodious, lilting Shankar Jaikishan. And some of that background score, specially the shivranjani which made the leap to a full number in Mera Naam Joker two decades later.
The locations, with luxurious homes that look like homes. The beauty of the outdoors in b&w, light streaming past trees.
Perhaps it was the simplicity of the storyline.Linear and unlayered.
Perhaps because it reminds me of simpler values and times.

Added: I must not forget the vintage furniture, lovely retro cupboards and that settee with an inbuilt bookshelf- smart.


Ricercar said...

i really love the movies of that period - the black and white simplicity of life :-)

austere said...

D'you suppose people were simpler hence stories were?

Ricercar said...

not sure. were they reallY? i kind of have a sneaky suspicion that there was just less talked about & therefore even less made into movies. the professed or acknowledged was simpler

austere said...

but I'll hold on to a romanticized view of simpler times, maybe the living was simpler or temptations not as many.

or it didn't get written about, a kind of a thieves pact?

Arunima said...

on a diff tangent perhaps, but I ahve been noticing only interiors in any movie, or serial that I ahve been watching since I have to do up my house.

AmitL said...

Ohh..I haven't seen the movie in toto,yet..just bits and pieces..frankly,I don't know whether I'd have the patience,at this stage(Unless it were a Chalti ka naam gaadi, badhti ka naam daadhi, etc).
The songs- can watch anytime.:)
A bit smile at Arunima's comment..great idea.