Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Why now?
A day ago, I came across Susan Boyle’s demo track.
She’s singing her version of Roberta Flack’s Killing me softly.
The “rip it straight from the gut and soar to the skies” premise of her Britain’s got talent debut—that’s missing.
If anything, she’s way older now.
So what prompted that insouciance. That cheek. That “I don’t quite give a damn.” That causes her voice to open up and let go?
What caused it now?
The person is the same, the voice the same, If anything, older.
And would this earth-stopping performance have been possible without the simply-ok demo track?
Destiny, nasseeb, fate—why did they wait to kick in now?


PQ said...
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PQ said...

In spite of being so gifted and never getting a break, she had never given up and had been trying so consistently right...quite an inspiration there.
But pata nahin Austy if it was because of her "dont give a damn" attitude now that she sounds so well now...probably she'd only know why....but they say na "waqt se pehle qismat se zyaada kisiko mila hai na kisiko milega"

austere said...

PQ - I keep thinking of her ailing mother, how happy she would have been.
Sense a bittersweet edge to this victory.

norrbu said...

Austere di, I like "Maestro" - and wish there are many equally brave (I read it two days back and don't remember the names). We all know how often better players play second fiddle. Many star sons and daugthers.

austere said...

Thank you, Norrbu.
Was waiting for your crit.