Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Things I want to remember from the last few days:

That lucid lucent enormous moon, with that halo around. And how HUGE and red it looked past the dark of neem branch + leaves the next dawn.

That ice water/scathing shock of one’s first-ever Salinger.
A perfect day for bananafish. Read.

Could I reassemble a watch by myself? A simple, rustic old fashioned watch? Stunned. Yet I, my mind will question. Why will it not accept?

The curve of the beach from that vantage point, the peach and blue like crayon color on the horizon. Leaving footsteps in the wet sand. A runaway for ten minutes pre-meetings. The hiss of the wash and the sand-designs of crabs. The advancing high tide. The barking strays that turned happy once I inched closer.

Listening to CB even if for ten min. He speaks from the heart. Even if he mumbles a little. Still reading. A would have majorly run her red pencil across most pages.How impressive what M has done, dividing time so he can do what he wants to do, repaying a debt to life.

The random leaf patterns in that concrete path- smart idea.


AmitL said...

Nice descriptions,as always,Austy..I needed to make some RTCs,to get them,of course..:)The moon part was the best..:)
The Salinger part needed google uncle to help..:)Will read the book,someday.:)(Time's flown by this week, frankly...long distance work is also tiring..)
Re. watch reassembling...tell further..:)

Ricercar said...

random and nice. loved that moon :-)

mark said...

it's funny A...had my own moon experience recently too...just coming over the eastern horizen at dusk thru some trees--huge, alien


The moon was awesome! Actually it was the biggest fullmoon that 2010 will see. the wolf moon it is known as. AND, if you looked off to the left, you could see a reddish star--MARS!!

beautiful post-as always--

how did the watch turn out? tick tock or not?


shiv said...

wonderful descriptions of the moon and the beach.. read it thrice as usual...

Anonymous said...

Tick-tack or not tick-tack, that's the question. I have no mechanical understanding, and what goes beyond pressing a button is a miracle to me. Did you really try to work on such an apparatus?

Arunima said...

its been a while that I saw the moon or the sand.

one wonders how could someone notice so many things and express them so well?

Anonymous said...

So ... what happened, Austere?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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