Wednesday, January 20, 2010

All I wanted to say was thank you. For not considering the state of Gujarat to be the abode of witless lumpens with rubber spines and vacant sawdust brains.
For this basic courtesy and decency, as a proud Gujarati- thank you.

I am quite fed up of the spate of vicious attacks on the state. One nasty but obvious reason is the preponderance of people from other states in the media, paired with the less than perfect economic plight of their home states.

While 2002 was a tragedy and chaos of the worst order, which state in the country has been free of a law and order machinery breakdown? What happened cannot and should not be excused. And this stands true for several cringe-worthy events in the country.

High time the country as a whole get its act in order- stop picking on Gujarat, stop sneering every time the name of the state is taken.