Saturday, January 09, 2010

Dust storms

Way down the list-- the 61st entry.

In the deluge, not a chance.

But would be delighted if you'd read.

I *think* this one of my "not-bad" efforts.


shiv said...

Dear austere, i read it, and as usual thrice ... the first time to just get the vivid picture that you paint.. the second for grasping the story and the context, and the third, to aprreciate it wholesomely, to match the picture that you started with in the first place, the story that you built up around it, and to admire and relish each stroke, each word that paints the picture so vividly and so truly.... As you said later in your comments, knowing the social context is so important.. but it is not so difficult to understand even for a foreigner, but maybe difficult to feel and to relate.... and yet it was all beyond caste and creed, it was betrayal by her own that was so poignant about this story... i think they missed it... did i get it??

AmitL said...

Great writing...somehow, I got reminded of a scene or two of Sholay-you'll guess which ones I mean, Austy.:)

Rohan said...

i read it Mira. and i loved it. Well done.

austere said...

shiv- thank you, doc, for reading it and that too, thrice. Yes, there is betrayal,as also justice denied. In retrospect all too filmy for words. :)

Amit- someone told me "Reshma aur Shera"? So what does that make this, a masala mix?

Rohan-- thank you so much! Where is your sub?

AmitL said...

Austy,I haven't seen Reshma aur Shera, so I wouldn't know..hehe...but, that scene of the bird screeching, witches(like) wail, signal of doom- doesn't remind you of the pre-Gabbar 'gaanv mein bachcha rota hai' scene??And, some of the scenes afterwards where vultures/birds of prey were visible?

norrbu said...

The story is touching, though I've only recently begun to realize the prevalence of cast. Your story is a picture of just that, and is news/new to many. Good job Austere di.

PQ said...

Great piece Austy!

austere said...

amit-What I remember of the devastation post the murders was the SOUND-- that terrible chain like sound puncturing the silence.

norrbu--thank you.

pq- thank you.